UGC in Facebook Group

There are many different ways of using UGCs that could help me expand my Facebook Group. I’ve thought of several ideas I would like to use in the future when I hopefully have more members.

My Facebook Group is all about going into your thirties with not having a clue what you are doing and taking life one day at a time.

Just to start I would like to use polls in the group to ask for topics members would like to discuss about. I would then post my own content related to the topic and try to encourage members to participate. For example, if the topic was ‘favorite ways to relax’ I would post a picture of myself sitting on a balcony drinking a cup of coffee. I would use a caption something along the lines of asking members what their favorite ways to relax are.
In addition, I would also use the hashtag #thirtyflirtyandsurviving because it is the name of my group and will help me find more UGC that pertains to my group.

I also think Facebook stories could be a major benefit when it comes to UGC. If members tagged the group on their stories it could lead to more UGC the group could use for further content with the member’s permission of course.

Another idea I had was having a ‘spotlight member of the month’ where if the member is comfortable I can showcase some of their content that related to the topic for that time. I think it encourages the members to branch out and get to know one another. In result, this will create stronger bonds amongst the members. This will then hopefully lead to potential collaborations and keep growing the community.

Since my community focuses on helping, advising, and validating each other through adulthood. I thought it would be smart to encourage members to create content around reviews. As in, let’s say our topic is looking for affordable places to live. Members could take vlogs, photos, etc. on their experience using different websites (Like Zillow for example) and give their reviews and opinions. I think this could be beneficial because it encourages members to have their own voice when it comes to trying out new things. It will also be helpful for other members as well since they can get a “know before you go” kind of ordeal. Plus that creates even more UGC.

Lastly, I think hosting a community event would be an amazing way to create UGC. It is always so awkward to try and make friends with other adults. This would be a great opportunity for the members to meet face-to-face. Members can create content with each other and post it on the group page. In hopes more members would feel encouraged to attend future events where members can create stronger relationships and feel free to create content with people they can relate to. This will then start making members feel more comfortable with each other because they have met face-to-face and will ease tension when turning back to the digital world of the Facebook group due to the growth of familiarity and comfortability between the members.

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